Wildlife Photography Digital Print Provider

Minnesota is full of enchanting landscapes and all kinds of natural life. If you are enamored with the beauty of wildlife, browse our collection of stills in our gallery. We have wildlife photography digital prints for sale to suit anyone’s taste.

Various Subjects

At the Red Barn Project, we capture unique photos of a variety of animals, birds, insects, and even nature itself. Some of our subjects are common around the country, while others are unique to Minnesota.

If you want a beautiful wildlife photography digital print to use as a background or to have printed and framed to hang on your wall, use our galleries to choose what subject you want, and then browse the photos in your chosen gallery until you find one perfect for you.

Talented Photographer

Our photographer at the Red Barn Project is no stranger to wildlife. Living on a farm, he understands wildlife — and that farm has been used to take many of our featured photographs. He’s been taking photos for decades and knows exactly what angles are best, what lighting people like, and what motion to capture so that you can have a beautiful piece of art to display in your home.

Print Guarantee

If you choose to have something printed through our service, whether it’s a photo on a mug, a metal print, or a canvas piece, our printing service will reprint or refund your order if something goes wrong. You can rest easy knowing that your print will showcase our photography skills and give you a display piece to be proud of.

Contact the Red Barn Project to learn more.